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Will I Need A Stun Gun For Self-Defense?

I am just considering different alternatives to keep on me for self protection and I am wondering if I require a stun gun? There are a variety of options available, and so i am thinking I have to discover if it will probably be legal to hold one, or if perhaps I really need to be careful about the a…

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Pepper Shot Spray Pen: Highly Discreet Self defense For Office Personnel and Students

Pepper spray pens are good for students and those who work in office environments, because they look no distinct from regular writing pens. The pens contain a clip on the lid, for them to simply be placed on shirt pockets. To fire the spray, you only remove the cover and press the top. The impact of…

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Is The Taser C2 One Of The More Effective Versions Of A Taser?

I actually have seen several Tasers personally, although I've never ever owned one. Do you? The Taser C2 is one of the types of these self-defense weapons that you can purchase. Do they really work efficiently enough to shield you? I have thought of the exact same thing because people are usually de…

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Found Police Stun Gun Baton And Ordered It

I explore the Internet daily to discover what sales and deals are being carried out. I came across a very great sale on a security website thus i began looking around to see the things they had available for sale. They had several different stuff such as pepper spray and stun guns. I discovered a gr…

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My Little Girl Refuses To Go Camping Or Hiking Without Bear Pepper Spray

My daughter declines to go camping or hiking without having a bear pepper spray. I find it a bit unusual, considering there has not been a bear sighting within a hundred miles of here in over a decade, but it helps her sleep through the night, thus I put up with it.

I'm actually a little bit proud of…

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